Video Script for the Hearing Impaired

Fr. Jeffrey Nelson

Fr. Jeffrey Nelson

Hello and welcome to the Web site of Episcopal Church of Our Savior in North Platte, Nebraska. I’m Father Jeffrey Nelson, priest at Church of Our Savior.

The Web site is designed for two different kinds of people: Seekers — people who are looking for a church or who are curious about Church of Our Savior—will find information about our worship and prayer times, our education offerings, our outreach efforts, our history, and weekly schedules. What you’ll discover, I think, is a very active faith community that takes seriously the twin concerns of Jesus to love God and to love the neighbor.

Members of Church of Our Savior will find everything they need to stay on top of their commitments to the parish and to deepen their faith as they journey with Jesus.

Whether Seeker or Member, please know this: At Episcopal Church of Our Savior, all are welcome here—young or old, people of different ethnicities or national origins, gay or straight, conservative or liberal, rich or poor. For we believe the love of Jesus compels us to open our arms to all. So, welcome. We’re honored that you are here!

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