Episcopal ShieldEpiscopal Church of Our Savior is a member congregation of The Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church is a Christian denomination of 2.3 million people in 7200 congregations in 111 dioceses (geographical areas of governance) in the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Micronesia, and Europe. The Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church is The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry.

The Right Reverend J. Scott Barker, XI Bishop of the Diocese of Nebraska

Diocese of Nebraska

Episcopal Church of Our Savior is a part of the Diocese of Nebraska, whose boundary is the State of Nebraska. The Diocese of Nebraska has 56 congregations and is led by The Right Reverend J. Scott Barker, XI Bishop of the Diocese of Nebraska.

The Anglican Communion

WelbyThe Episcopal Church is a part of The Anglican Communion, a loosely affiliated confederation of 44 national and regional churches in the world that trace their ancestry to The Church of England. The Head of The Church of England is The Most Reverend Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, who also serves as the symbolic head of The Anglican Communion. 

The Reverend Doctor Jeffrey S. F. Nelson

COSNPA typical parish of The Episcopal Church is served by a rector, that is, a priest who pastors the congregation in the stead of the bishop, who is technically the pastor of each congregation in the diocese. The rector of Church of Our Savior is The Reverend Doctor Jeffrey S. F. Nelson

While the rector serves as the chief pastor and president of the congregation, he or she is assisted by two wardens (from churchwarden, an office in the Church of England in which the officeholder is charged with the responsibility to keep the peace in the churchyard). At Church of Our Savior, the Senior Warden generally assists in the spiritual care of the congregation while the Junior Warden is responsible for the property. The wardens are appointed annually by the rector with the consent of the congregation at its Annual Meeting.

The chief governing body of the congregation is the congregation itself, which meets yearly in January for its Annual Meeting. Any baptized member of the congregation who has reached the age of consent is a voting member of the congregation. At the Annual Meeting, the congregation is apprised of the state of the congregation by the rector and wardens, affirms the appointment of the wardens, elects members of the Vestry (governing board), passes an operating budget for the coming year, and addresses other business as needed.

Between Annual Meetings, the Vestry acts as the representative board for the congregation. The Vestry consists of the rector, the wardens, a clerk or secretary (non-voting), the treasurer (non-voting), and six congregational members elected for three-year terms by the congregation at its Annual Meeting. The terms are staggered so one-third of the Vestry changes each year. The Vestry is responsible for all policies and decisions, including financial decisions, made on behalf of the congregation. Vestry meetings are held monthly and are open to members.

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