How to Pray the Anglican Rosary

Prayer beads, also known as rosaries, date as far back as the 8th century BCE and are found in every major religion. Their purpose is to aid people in meditation or contemplation. By associating each bead with a prayer and fingering each bead, one stays focused on the prayers. The most familiar and common rosary in the Christian tradition is the Roman Rosary, through which persons contemplate the life of Christ using a series of prayers, including the Ave Maria or Hail Mary, a prayer to the blessed Virgin Mary. The Anglican Rosary was developed in 1980 by Episcopal priest Lynn Bauman and offers a way of meditation and contemplation unique to the Anglican tradition. Below are instructions for creating your own Anglican Rosary along with a sample prayer.

Anglican Rosary

Anglican Rosary – Detail

Create your own Anglican Rosary

Materials and preparation: A cross, five larger beads and 28 smaller ones, string

Thread both sides of the strand coming from the cross through the first two large beads. Then on each side, string seven smaller beads, a larger bead and seven smaller beads again. You will have used all but the final larger bead. Put both of the two strands together again, and add the last bead, then tie off with a knot, and cut the string close to the knot. You’re done. Looking at a picture of the beads as you string your own set will make these directions easier to follow.


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